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Toppen 77

Protective helmets

Toppen77 CE-marked helmets for your safety.

Premature baby dolls

With accurate size and weight, this is not only a perfect keepsake of your children, but also a fantastic christening gift or gift for a parent at any occasion.

Custom made

In addition to our large selection of colors and sizes, we also manufacture helmets on request. Specially made helmets after surgical intervention or according to other specific requests.

Swedish craftsmanship and quality!

The Toppen77 helmet is for those who want to feel safe, whether for themselves or their loved ones.

– Protection against autism-related and involuntary head movements
– Head protection in case of epileptic seizures
– Tailor-made helmets for post surgery rehabilitation
– Optimal head fit with customizable colors and patterns
– Head protection for toddlers taking their first steps
– Head protection in case of Cerebral Palsy
– Comprehensive protection for healthcare patients

Here's what our customers think!

Anders Larsson
Anders Larsson
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"The helmet fits perfectly!"
Irene Gustafsson
Irene Gustafsson
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"Our son loves wearing his helmet now that he gets to choose the pattern all by himself"
Carola Lundin
Carola Lundin
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"Exactly what we've been looking for, so glad we found Toppen 77!"